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Battle of Piqua

Posted on August 14, 2017 at 2:40 PM

The Battle of Piqua - Touring Ohio

We have been taught about the Revolutionary War battles of Bunker Hill and Yorktown but the Battle of Piqua (also called the Battle of Peckuwe) may have slipped our educators notice. It was the largest military engagement of the Revolutionary War west of the Allegheny Mountains and would greatly influence a 12 year old boy named Tecumseh.

Today the location of the Shawnee Village Piqua and battlefield is being preserved and is located just outside the George Rogers Clark Park. A monument of Colonel Clark overlooks the battle site honoring both sides of this important conflict. The Davidson Interpretive Center is located at the battle site and offers displays and exhibits concerning both the battle and Shawnee village life. The center is open Monday - Friday. Piqua, Ohio, about a 45 minute drive up Interstate 75.

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